Japanese religion & tradition impact on Business Customs


Most Japanese are "secular-atheist" but the two most common religions are Shinto and Buddhist religions, mythology-based religions in the wisdom of "Confucius and Tao". 

Stories of Japanese mythology involving edges that become to one, warriors from the time of the shoguns, samurai, combined with stories of a cherry blossom, fights with blood-combined songs of Haiku, Geishas and Kabuki theater, all these are part of existance of  all Japanese, either he works at the railway station or If he is all-powerful CEO.

One line interwoven throughout mythology, accuracy, sharpness, hierarchical order, emotional internalization, cleanliness, mystery, and respect for the environment, minimalism, subtle beauty.

All these accompanying today the practices of Japanese business people, and the business / cultural codes that are derived from these cultural values​, has to be thoroughly recognize in preparation for a meeting with the Japanese market. 

These values ​​will also conduct your business, respect and appreciation to the product that meets the cultural values ​​(accuracy, cleanliness, sharpness, etc.) will become a tradition of cooperation for many years of loyalty and compliance with the terms of the transaction.