The Do Spirit of Japan

We have chosen the name of Israel Japan Business Do, to express the double meaning of Doing Business Between Israel and Japan in a proper way, as well as for the deep meaning of DO related to Japan.

Many Japanese expressions contain the Kanji character "DO".

Some of the below expressions reflect and express religious, philosophical and spiritual doctrines, while other reflect the common usage of everyday life, sport and martial arts practice and traditional Japanese arts. Such as:

  • Aikidō: Japanese martial art, its meaning - "Meeting / Energy / Way"
  • Bushidō: "The way of the warrior"
  • Dōjō: Practice place
  • Dōkyō: Taoism (Tao = the way)
  • Dōro: Street or Road
  • Dōraku: Entertainment
  • Dōtoku: Morals
  • Jūdō: Famous sport, its meaning is - "The Soft Way"
  • Kadō: Flower arrangement (Ikebana)
  • Karatedō: The empty hand martial art - "The Way of Karate"
  • Kendō: Japanese martial art Swordsmanship (with bamboo)
  • Kobodō: The weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts
  • Kyūdō:  Japanese martial art of Archery
  • Sadō: Tea Ceremony
  • Shintō: The popular religious in Japan, means - "The Way of Gods"
  • Shodō: Calligraphy, or artistic writing of the Japanese language

In our work, at I.J. Business Do, We are trying to combine the unique Israeli way of out of the box, innovative thinking, with the Japanese various implications of the DO spirit and doctrines.

We invite you to join our fascinating Journey to Japan.