Local and international exhibitions, are the business tribal campfire, here you will meet all engaged in the theme of the exhibition, here you will meet first with the product / technology / service, this meeting is important since it represents the phrase "There is no second chance for a first impression."

The preparations for the exhibition are critical since they are the first impression at the meeting with the potential audience. 

The proper exhibition, appropriate location, preparing suitable marketing materials in accurate Japanese, booth design that fits the visual language that accustomed the Japanese consumer etc.

Are you sure that you are ready to exhibit in Japan?
Have you found the appropriate agent to specify his name to potential customers?
Participating in an exhibition is usually a great exposure in order to find clients and locate an agent in Japan.
Sometimes, and in some fields, it would be wrong to go to exhibition without a Japanese agent, and it may be better to visit and make appointments beforehand.
We can advise you on how to do so while maximizing the cost / benefit.

I.J. Do staff will be available to the company represented by it in -

  • Finding appropriate exhibition
  • Contact the organizers
  • Purchasing a booth
  • Accompanying the booth preparations using Japanese design firm or guiding the Israeli company
  • Deal with transporting the exhibition
  • Hosting the participants in Japan
  • Arrange accommodation for the participants in Japan
  • Help in preparing marketing materials and adapting them to Japan
  • Inviting potential customers to the exhibition
  • Setting business meetings during the exhibition
  • Help in creating a database of visitors and continuous follow-up support