Team | Dror Rotter | Neta Kalmanson

Dror Rotter, Founder - Business Development and Representation in Japan, Manager

I have been practicing karate since the age of 16, this made me interested in Japan. Following an advertisement of the Japanese Embassy about scholarships appeared on the bulletin board of Students Association, I had applied and eventually won a scholarship and studied in Japan for about 4 years. After my return to Israel, I worked as a VLSI development engineer for about 6 years; however I wanted to combine in my work the connection to Japan. So I decided to change my occupation and started doing business development in Japan in which I am specializing till today.

I will be happy to assist companies who are interested in the challenges and the opportunities in the Japanese market. 

Career Milestones:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.
  • Extensive knowledge of Japanese business practices and language.
  • Relationships with leading companies in Japan.
  • Ability to open doors and form new connections in Japan.
  • Business Development Manager for the Japanese marketplace since 2005.
  • Wide range experience in promoting life science, biotech, high-tech, agricultural, industrial and consumer products in Japan.
  • Accredited consultant of the Israeli Export Institute, Ministry of Economy - MAOF program.
  • 6 years employment experience as VLSI development engineer in the semiconductor field for Fujitsu Microelectronics Israel and for Oren semiconductor.
  • 2 years employment experience as a software development engineer and project manager for ZNAX Communication and One1 Technologies in Israel as well as for TOYOBO DressingSim in Japan


Neta Kalmanson, Partner - Business Development and Investments from Japan, Manager 

After simply falling in love with the amazing country of Japan, from the very first moment I arrived there, I decided that I wanted to explore this fascinating country deep down to its roots, to study its challenging language and history, as well as its unique business culture, which I very much respect.

The fact that I was lucky enough to be awarded the Japanese Monbusho Scholarship, granted by the Japanese Ministry of Education, enabled me to write my Master’s Thesis in Economics in Osaka University, to live in Osaka for 2 years, and thus to speak and write Japanese fluently.

Since my return to Israel, I’ve represented both Israeli and Japanese companies interested in fruitful collaboration.

I am always happy to assist Israeli companies seeking to penetrate the challenging Japanese market, as well as Japanese companies attempting to find innovative technologies in Israel - the Start Up Nation.

Career Milestones:

  • Director and Management Committee member of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce
  • Adjunct Professor - Haifa University. East Asian Department since 2017. Master Course Lecturer: "success and failure stories of Israeli companies exporting to Japan".
  • BA in Economics and East Asia (Japan), with Honors. Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • MA in Macro Economics, (Expertise - Japanese Economics). Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • Research Student at Osaka University (wrote my MA Thesis)
  • Speaks and writes Japanese at a proficient Business level
  • Fully conversant with the nuances of Japan’s business culture and its customs.
  • Well connected with numerous key persons from the business arena, academic institutions as well as bureaucrats & politicians.
  • Assistance in raising Japanese investments to Israeli start-ups.
  • Graduated from the MIL- OSD course (Outside Director for public companies)
  • Managing the Japanese desk for Israeli companies since 1993, with vast experience in opening doors in Japan, allocating local agent/distributor, etc.
  • Act as a local scouting agent to identify the most recent innovative Israeli technologies on behalf of Japanese companies.
  • Accredited consultant of the Israeli Export Institute, Ministry of Economy - MAOF program