According to a report by a leading analyst firm App Annie for the smartphones and tablets applications market, Japan is a world leader in mobile revenues from apps stores of Apple and Google, and overtaken the USA. The change was made possible by an impressive growth over the past year in spending on games applications in Japan by 3.9 times compared to 2.7 times per year in the US annually. It is worth noting that the population of Japan is only about 127 million people, compared with about - 317 million people in the United States. The penetration rate of smart phones in Japan is expected to continue to grow in 2014, and will further increase the profitability of mobile applications market in Japan. (December of 2013).

  • ICT

    I.J. The market size (real GDP) of Japan’s information and communications (ICT) industry in 2010 was 98.8 trillion yen. The ICT industry accounted for 10.7% of 922.7 trillion yen for the total of all industries, representing the largest. The ICT industry also displayed a steady increase in growth rate. The average annual growth rate between 1995 and 2010 was 3.0%, higher than the 0.3% for all industries. Even when compared with other industries — 2.8% for the electrical machinery industry and 1.4% for the transport machinery industry—the ICT industry showed the highest growth rate of all industries. (November 2013)


    Japan is the second-largest market in the world after the United States, occupying about 10% of the market in each of the global drug and medical device markets. Many foreign-affiliated companies have entered the Japanese market and are now active as major players now in various fields. (November 2013)


    Renewable energy drawing attention as energy issues become apparent after 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as a measure against global warming, various actions have been taken to promote renewable energy on a global scale. Since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami occurred on March 11, 2011, energy issues have become more and more prominent in Japan because of earthquake-stricken thermal power plants and unprecedentedly large-scale and long-term damage to the nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power in Fukushima. In order to solve those issues, renewable energy is drawing further attention in Japan. (November 2013)