Outsourcing services for Japanese market entry

The company operates in a full outsourcing model and provides a variety of services for operating in the Japanese market.

Building a marketing strategy includes:

  • Preparation of a business plan for receiving "Smart Money" budget
  • Testing and characterization of target markets
  • Examination of market forces and trends
  • Feasibility analysis and regulation
  • Penetration, anchoring and expanding operations
Identifying business opportunities in Japan
  • Locating venture capital funds seeking development of Israeli technological product for the Japanese market
  • Identifying strategic partners for business collaborations
  • Locating suitable distribution companies
  • Participation and representation in relevant exhibitions - help in guidance and support in negotiations
  • Assistance in obtaining permits, licenses and approvals required in Japan.
Assistance in establishing a Japanese subsidiary.
  • Guidance to exploit government benefits
  • Assistance in adapting the product / technology / service to the Japanese market (localization)
  • Organizing training sessions and workshops
Correspondence procedures
  • Presentations
  • Practices for business discussions in Japan
  • Etiquette in Japan (social and business)
  • Assistance in the preparation of marketing materials, exhibitions, presentations
  • Assistance in setting up / localizing websites for the Japanese market
Professional Translation Services:
  • Hebrew to Japanese and Japanese to Hebrew
  • English to Japanese and Japanese to English